• How It Works

Since the price of electricity varies hour-to-hour, OneWatt takes advantage of the fluctuations in the electricity. Esentilly, we are doing energy arbitrage. We buy energy when it’s cheap, store it, and then use that stored energy when prices are at a peak. Doing this smart energy management that is focused on total cost allows you to save on your electricity bills.

Using machine learning algorithms, OneWatt learns your consumption patterns. Unlike other commercial solutions, our system does not require you to change your operations or schedule to see savings. With our system’s intelligence, OneWatt adapts to each of our client’s electricity usage and optimizes based on that. We want you to focus on growing your business and we’ll do the savings for you.

Additional Benefits of OneWatt

  • Protection from power interruption

    OneWatt detects if there is power outage in the facility, and automatically falls back to use the stored energy in the system so you dont have to deal with lost revenue due to power outages.

  • Better power quality

    Poor power quality can damage motors and high-precision devices that would lead to production downtime. OneWatt consistently monitors power quality going in your facility to ensure reliability and productivity of the plant.

  • Cleaner energy source

    During peak hours, the grid gets an energy boost from peaker plants. These plants typically use dirty and expensive fuels to catch up with the energy demand.  OneWatt avoids sourcing from these plants and depends on its intelligence to get the most out of green and cheap energy sources.