• Reduce electricity bills with ZERO effort

OneWatt sees opportunity in the electricity spot market

As electricity prices fluctuate, we work behind the scenes to get cheap electricity, so you dont have to buy expensive power for your facility. Our method does not require you to change any of your operations to lower your electricity bills.

OneWatt learns and reacts to your consumption patterns

Just clamp your wires with OneWatt's consumption sensor to gain insights on your energy consumption. This helps us predict your consumption and optimize your electricity bill.

Onewatt promotes the use of clean and green energy in the grid

OneWatt does not buy electricity from peaker plants powered by harmful and polluting sources. With OneWatt's intelligence and partnership with clean energy producers, we can reduce the total energy wastage and CO2 emmissions throughout the grid.

Our Industry Partners

Industry Partners

  • Toshiba

  • PrimeWater

  • Fastech

  • Kratos


Our Partners

Industry Partners

  • Rockstart

  • GIZ

  • Impact Hub

  • ADB

  • Enterprise

  • DTI

  • Katalyst

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